Julian Sharpe

Bachelor's in Technology, Aeronautical Engineering and Design, Loughborough University

The conference room

A well-traveled, broad-experienced aerospace stress engineer, Julian's postgraduation career, to date, has spanned 20 years and involved working in six different countries. During this time, he has acquired significant experience in the fields of primary and secondary aircraft structure as well as working on several Space projects. He has earned the utmost respect from his work associates in areas such as detailed hand stress analysis, finite element modeling and analysis, composites to mention but a few.

He has worked for an array of companies including British Aerospace (UK), Westland Helicopters (UK), European Space Agency ESTEC (Netherlands), Canadair (Canada), DRA Boscombe Down (UK), Telair (Germany), Boeing (USA), and Aermacchi (Italy).

Julian has developed into a thorough and dependable professional stress analyst with a healthy appetite for challenging work. Traveling has broadened his outlook greatly and allows him to view the Aerospace industry on a global level. He has a more traditional approach to engineering and is able to apply his wide experience to every day analytical problems.

IDEA is an international company that, as a result of Julian's efforts, is able to offer its services and vast expertise to the international market. Coupled with this, Julian has a keen business mind and has gathered a team of highly experienced engineers with a combined working experience in excess of 100 years and a capacity to tackle any challenge set before them.